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Arti-Plac Wood specializes in the commerce of the most diverse species of rough-sawn tropical hardwoods, for many applications, in any quantity, shipping anywhere in the world. All species retailed by Arti-Plac Wood come from legal origins and meet or exceed all guidelines of the Brazilian Forest Legislation and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES – Washington, D.C.) Our philosophy is that of the rational harvesting of trees with the minimum possible impact on nature, always preserving the environment. web security
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We support

Wood Is Green

As proud member of Wood is Green, we’re promoting an awareness of wood as the natural, renewable, sustainable, and environmentally preferred building resource.

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Being Green; In today’s society we want to be GREEN, and how we do that by cutting down trees in the Amazon? Learn how Arti-Plac is working to keep the environment green.


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