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As proud member of Wood is Green, we’re promoting an awareness of wood as the natural, renewable, sustainable, and environmentally preferred building resource.

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Being Green; In today’s society we want to be GREEN, and how we do that by cutting down trees in the Amazon? Learn how Arti-Plac is working to keep the environment green.

In our own forest (owned by Arti-Plac Wood), we get IBAMA’s (The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) these tree Harvest Certifications must accompany ALL timber and lumber from standing timber to the importer’s anywhere in the world. This documentation includes origin and species certifications as well as fumigation, density and grade specifications.

To acquire these certifications, the loggers and mills must first present documentation provided by the Brazilian government which allow them to harvest particular trees, and TAG (see picture) all the trees that can be harvested. Through that TAG, inspectors will know the exact satellite location, dimensions, species, etc. of that particular tree. Harvest certifications must be carried by the loggers and the tree transport truckers at all times. Being caught without them will cause their logs and trucks to be confiscated and in turn they will be prosecuted.

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